Wednesday Inspiration {blooms}

To me my go to decor piece is fresh flowers. Whether it is a simple centerpiece for a table or a focal point arrangement. Flowers really can add life and color to the space you are decorating. Flowers can tie your other design elements together and add dimension as well. 

The photo was part of our engagement session that Rachel Cleere Photography captured for us. Of course the Iphone photo I took doesn't do her finished work justice, but I had to show you just how much a few garden roses and an airplant [courtesy of The Plant Shoppe]  can add to your set up. We chose to have a romantic picnic for part of our pictures and it was such a blast preparing for. 


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"Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul." Luther Burbank

"Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul." Luther Burbank

I was even able to repurpose the yellow garden roses in my house as an accessory on my bar cart. 

Tip: To extend the life of your flowers make sure and change the water out every two days with fresh water and it even helps to cut a little off the end of the stems so they can soak up the water. 

Fresh flowers just brings life to the table so whether they are for your home, special someone, or event you can't go wrong by adding an arrangement. Flowers don't have to be costly either. Nowadays I know there's several places you can purchase a bouquet of fresh flowers for under $12.00 [which is what I believe I paid for our garden rose arrangement from Whole Foods locally].

Here locally in OKC we have a cash and carry boutique called Dutch Floral & Home. They offer cash and carry along with delivery. 



In the end I usually go overboard with flowers and the arrangements. I have started making my own arrangements and pieces since I have several milk glass and vessels for them to go into. This is something I have grown to love and use as a stress reliever when I need to unwind. 

Things to keep in mind: When using fresh flowers for an event or something as large as your wedding make sure you see what is in season and the timeframe it takes to get your order in for the event. 

When it came to my wedding I knew I wanted one person and one person only to design my flower pieces and that was Emerson Events.  I have followed them for years and fell in love with their style and how they can create one of a kind masterpieces. Which is exactly what they did for me... Since I have a serious thrift store shopping issue and have an abundant amount of milk glass and other vessels she used what I had and listened to my design concept and made it all come to laugh. 

*Spoiler alert I will be sharing my wedding photos and the amazing blooms I used soon and they will be featured by a popular blog [100 Layer Cake]. Follow along to see the upcoming post and pictures from my wedding last November.