POPPING the question to your bridal party

You are engaged and so excited and you have so many ideas and tasks running through your mind. Location, time of year, wedding dress style, bridal party, etc.. the list could go on and on, but I am going to focus on asking your bridal party to be a part of your special day. This is rather important. It's the group of girls/guys who are going to stand by your side on one of the most important days of your life. 

A few things to consider when asking

1.  Don't rush-  Think it through and don't rush. Talk it over with your future hubs and really think about who you want by your side as you marry your life long partner. 

2.  Forget the rules- You make the rules. So don't feel obligated to add someone just because you were in their wedding. Also, the rule that you must have the same amount of bridesmaids as your groomsmen is not really true anymore. Nowadays it doesn't matter and if you think about it leaving someone out or adding someone just to make it even isn't very significant or sentimental. 

Creative ways to ask your bridesmaids

I am going to share a few ways I have been asked along with how I asked my bridal party. 

Here is one idea from my cousin, Rachel who made it all personalized and tailored to each person she asked. She bought personalized cards, went out and shopped for the planners, and also picked out the travel case for each person. I think this is so thoughtful and couldn't be more excited to be a part of her day! 

popping the question to your bridal party | www.forevercole.com
popping the question to your bridal party | www.forevercole.com

A mini bottle of Cooks Champagne, Live Simply 2015 Planner, the floral travel case {which has been used multiple times already}, and a lovely personalized card asking me to be her Matron of Honor.

One of the more fun and EXCITING ways was by one of my friends who I met in college! GO POKES!! She came into town since she lives out of state and when she arrived she brought me this basket full of goodies. It came with some pink champagne {are you noticing a trend? A little bubbly is always nice to celebrate}. 

popping the question to your bridal party | www.forevercole.com

The basket also had a wrapped package that when I opened it had a balloon inside with a tab hanging asking me to "pop me". The Happily Ever After Prayer Box is a nice touch and bought with me in mind which makes me love it even more! 

popping the question to your bridal party | www.forevercole.com



Here is the aftermath of popping the balloon! 

 Now here is how I asked my bridal party... A little over a year ago! Time flies when you are having fun!  

Here is a group shot of the pictures I took from asking my bridesmaids. I spent so much time looking for ways to ask and how to ask etc and this is what I came up with. This was one of the fun and first items I marked off my todo list. Like I mentioned above I thought about who all I wanted in my bridal party and even added someone later on {which is totally appropriate and okay since you only get married once}. 

  •  The Painted Floral Card bought off etsy
  • Mini bottles of wine
  • Bath & Body Works scented candles// a few of my favorite scents are Gelato, Champagne Toast, and Peach Bellini. 
  • Rifle Paper Co. notebooks or Chronicle Books notebooks { it really depended on the person and their style + I have a major obsession with having notebooks with me at all times for my random/creative thoughts. 


popping the question to your bridal party | www.forevercole.com

The second time around I went a different route and did something different. I bought this personalized card with floral fabric as the envelope off of etsy { I may have a serious obsession with etsy}. 

Have some fun and enjoy the planning! What is better than celebrating with your friends and loved ones by asking them to be a part of their day? Don't think too far into how you should ask. As long as you put some love into asking that is all that matters. Pinterest can be intimidating once you see how creative people get, and sometimes it can inspire you so choose to let it inspire you. 


Mrs. Cole