Day of Coordinator to the Rescue


This has been a question I have received quite often and I thought I would help spread the word on just how important a day of wedding coordinator really is. I am sure you are wondering their signficiance or if they are worthy enough to be in the budget or not. This blog post will answer all of your questions. 

What does a day of wedding coordinator or day of event coordinator do?

This is where Forever Cole Events or your day of coordinator comes in and makes sure that all of the planning that the couple has done, vendors they have hired, and vision they have thought of is truly executed how they'd like it. The coordinator is in constant contact with the vendors and venue to makes sure that on the day of the event goes off without a hitch. A day of coordinator will break down a timeline for you so you know exactly how your wedding day will go. Day of coordinators make sure that the timeline of your ceremony and reception timeline goes exactly (or as close to exact as possible) as planned. They also coordinate with the photographer to ensure that all of the important details are captured and they know where the couple is at throughout the day and evening. This goes for the entertainment, caterer, and all of the other wedding day traditions that take place. 

When do you hire a Day of Coordinator?

 I think it is best to hire a day of coordinator when you are searching for your other vendors as they also book up fast. Forever Cole Events likes to meet with the bride and groom a month out to start the planning process and I know other coordinators operate the same way. 

Why do you meet with the clients a month out?

I don't know about you, but I don't like to meet people I am going to be working with the day of especially when it is one of the biggest days of your life...your wedding that is. 

This is how I operate when I am hired as the day of coordinator.

I will meet with the couple about three weeks out (that means if you are a month out it is not too late to hire a day of coordinator). We will meet and go over all of vendors, venue selection, decor, vision concept, your expectations out of me, and make sure there aren't any loose ends. By meeting three weeks out that gives the day of coordinator (Forever Cole Events) time to create the timeline for your ceremony and reception and they can come with you to your rehearsal. I will go over the timeline with you and your wedding party so no one is out of the loop on the day of. I also call all vendors the week of to verify your vendors to ensure they will be arriving on time, see if they need anything from me, send them the timeline, and coordinate any details needed with them. 

Budget?! Eek this is a tough one

I know that a lot of people are on a budget and that is totally understandable. I do however think that spending money on a day of event coordinator is worth it if you haven't already invested in a full service event coordinator. This will guarantee a stress free wedding day for you, your groom, and loved ones who would help you set up. This means all of you can sit back, get pampered, and soak in the big day. By all means you deserve it and it is a once in a lifetime day! Keep in mind after you have done all the planning and you meet with your coordinator (me) I become the spokesperson and correspondent and you get to take a step back. 

What is the difference in a venue coordinator and a event/ wedding coordinator?

Majority of venues of a coordinator who is there to make your day with the venue go well. This means they are overseeing the venue and that the processes for setting up goes as planned. They normally don't do decor set up, coordinate with all your vendors (this may not always be true), or plan your ceremony and reception just to name a few. Some venues do have preferred vendors so they may stay in communication, but that is something you need to ask them up front. Most venues love when their clients have a coordinator so they can work directly with them with the behind the scenes logistics and let you just enjoy the blissfulness of planning. 

|Confession time| I thought that I could plan my very own wedding all by myself. I thought I have a great group of bridesmaids, a helpful mother, and a great groom. Everything went smoothly. I had a lot of work to do as I am a perfectionist and I was like almost every bride and changed my mind several times. Two weeks out I start to worry about the day of and if I will get to enjoy my day with my bridesmaids and mom. I wanted to wake up and relax, listen to TSwift, and sip on a mimosa or two. I was lucky enough that I had access to the venue the night before so that helped, but I stayed up late with my helpful sidekicks setting up and only made one trip the day of. The day of the wedding I met the florist who was totally awesome BTW and I really didn't even NEED to go over there. I left the flower set up and food set up to the vendors and went back to the hotel to get ready. It all turned out great. However, I had to make sure I told the DJ when we needed to make announcements, when it was time to cut the cake, do the first dance, and when toasting was to take place. I enjoyed myself, but I know I would have enjoyed having someone who gave me peace of mind and planned the day for me. 

|Moral of the story| Everyone needs a day of coordinator. We all think we can do it on our own, and we can to an extent. However, if we have to choose trying to juggle all of the duties versus hiring someone to make the day easier we'd choose to make the day easy. I know you may see it as one more check you have to write, but having peace of mind is totally worth it. I mean it is a once in a ifetime occasion. 

What if I want more that Day of Coordination?

No worries I offer a styling package for those who need help with a design concept all the way to full coordination packages for the bride who wants a little more push and help with planning on a month-to-month basis. You can contact me here to learn more.


Day of Coordination

I hope everyone enjoys their time of wedding planning, as it is one of the happiest events you will ever plan. Don't stress and remember at the end of it all you will be marrying the one your soul loves. 

XO || Cheers